Raiders don't expect perfection from Pryor
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INDIANAPOLIS -- Don’t expect Terrelle Pryor to be perfect. Raiders coach Dennis Allen certainly doesn’t.

The 24-year old quarterback remains a work in progress, with vast potential working its way out. Without naming a starter for Sunday’s opener against Indianapolis, earlier this week Allen seemed willing to forgive the faults of youth in the name of fostering talent.

Allen said earlier in the week that he was pleased with Pryor’s improvement over the offseason, training camp and the exhibition slate. Despite vast improvement, consistency remains an issue.

“There’s still a growing process that he has to go through,” Allen said. “We’ve had to take some lumps, I guess, would be the term. Overall, I’ve been pleased with the progression of Terrelle Pryor.”

Allen wants to see progress each week, just as he did during the preseason.

“When you have young guys out there, they’ve got to grow,” Allen said. That’s where we’re at. I’m looking for continued growth out of him as we continue to go throughout the season.”

Patience must be a virtue given Pryor’s inexperience, especially with an offensive line weakened by injury. Again, without conceding that Pryor will start, Allen said the coaches will try to put him in a position to succeed, however much he ends up playing.

“When Terrelle is out on the field,” Allen said, “we’ll have some things that hopefully he can do really well.”