Pryor's performance not great, but was it enough?
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SEATTLE – Terrelle Pryor’s stats against Seattle weren’t good.

The Raiders quarterback was 3-of-8 passing for 31 yards and an interception, getting sacked twice.

He had three rushes for 48 yards, including a 25 scamper. Out of four third-down opportunities, he converted one.

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He had a quarterback rating of 9.9. The maximum? 158.3.

Not a good performance. But it wasn’t death sentence, either.

The Raiders only had 19 plays in the first half, with Pryor under center. Receivers dropped a few passes. Pryor played with new starter at center and both tackle spots. His foot got stepped on while throwing a pass that fell incomplete.

Pryor ran well at times. He led the Raiders on two field-goal drives.

Save the interception, Pryor wasn’t all that bad. Just ask his head coach.

Dennis Allen didn’t rip a young quarterback fighting for a starting spot. He found some good, some bad. He said this game didn’t shape his opinion of Pryor or his chance of starting this regular season.

“I thought he did some good things,” Allen said. “There's a lot of improvement he needs to make, but I liked a lot of things that I saw from him. It was hard to judge on tonight's performance because we only had 19 plays and it was hard for us to get in much of a rhythm.”

Allen lauded Pryor’s game management and his command in the huddle.

He didn’t like the interception, which was thrown to late to capitalize on separation Jacoby Ford created. Pryor didn’t either.

“I’m satisfied. Other than the pick. You just can’t have that,” Pryor said. “We were moving the ball pretty well, and we got three points twice and I believe we could’ve kept things going on the first drive.”

Pryor started Thursday. Whether he starts again on Sept. 8 remains in question. It’s hard to tell which parts of this game will factor into that decision. It’s impossible to tell how heavily they’ll be weighted or projected into a regular-season situation.

“It was hard to tell how it would’ve gone because I didn’t have Wisniewski and McFadden and several of the guys I’ve been working with all week,” Pryor said. “That game’s over. Now it’s crunch time, and I’ll be ready to go.”