Sharks making minor changes to sweaters
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SAN JOSE - In the past couple of days, the Sharks have been sending out hints over social media that they will be changing their sweaters for the 2013-14 season, using the hashtag #TheNextWave.

While it’s true that there will some alterations, don’t expect any drastic differences from what San Jose has been donning in recent seasons. According to one team source, there will be “tweaks to a couple of our jerseys.” The black third jerseys will remain.

The biggest difference will be in the material. The Sharks have worn their black jerseys in the postseason for the past three seasons, mainly due to the players preferring the lighter feel.

In 2013, the Sharks were 5-1-2 when wearing black in the regular season, and a perfect 7-0 in the postseason.

The Sharks will reveal the new sweaters later this week.