Warriors all over NBA 2K14 trailer
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2K Sports' popular NBA video game series released the trailer for their newest game -- NBA 2K14 -- on Wednesday, and while the video centers on LeBron James (who appears on the 2K14 cover), the Warriors make multiple appearances in the video.

The trailer:

The first Golden State appearance comes at the 0:48 mark where Stephen Curry throws an alley-oop to the Warriors' big free agent pick-up, Andre Iguadala, against Portland. Kent Bazemore makes a cameo in the clip, too. Right after Iguadala slams home the one-handed dunk, Bazemore is shown jumping up from the bench in celebration.

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The next clip doesn't reflect nearly as well on the Warriors. At 0:54, Curry drive towards the hoop and attempts a layup only to get his shot blocked by Houston's new center Dwight Howard.

Things pick back up again at 1:06, though, as David Lee dunks on Cleveland's Alonso Gee.

The Warriors make a couple more appearances in the trailer, although much less involved than the first three. At 1:09, Curry dribbles with Orlando's Jameer Nelson defending. Finally, at 1:14, James Harden drives towards the basket against Golden State's defense.

NBA 2K14 is scheduled to be released on October 1.