Kaepernick graces new Sports Illustrated cover
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The 49ers are less than two weeks away from opening the 2013 NFL season against the Green Bay Packers, but quarterback Colin Kaepernick was able to sneak in one final accolade to his busy offseason.

[GALLERY: Kaepernick's busy offseason]

It was announced on Wednesday that Kaepernick is gracing the regional cover of the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated, which compares him to a former 49ers quarterback, Hall-of-Famer Steve Young.

"When you can play fast and loose, it doesn't mean you can't be a precision weapon."

Check out the full cover:

Kaepernick joins the Redskins' Robert Griffin III, the Seahawks' Russell Wilson and the Colts' Andrew Luck as part of the magazine's "The New Kings" feature, comparing each of the young quarterbacks to a Super Bowl-winning signal caller.

While all four quarterbacks are going into their second seasons as starters, Kaepernick holds seniority as the only player not to have been a rookie in 2012. Drafted in the second round of the 2011 NFL draft, Kaepernick sat behind Alex Smith for his entire rookie season and for the first eight games of 2012. After Smith suffered a concussion in Week 10 against St. Louis, Kaepernick took over.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Kaepernick will face Griffin, Wilson and Luck during the 2013 regular season. The 49ers face Seahawks in Weeks 2 and 14, the Colts in Week 3, and the Redskins in Week 12.