Boone fined $7,875 for retaliation against Cardinals
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UPDATE: Mike Jurecki of 910 AM Phoenix reports Alameda Ta’amu fined $10K for his kick to Alex Boone's face in Week 6. 


SANTA CLARA – Right guard Alex Boone plans to appeal a fine he received as a result of his retaliation against Arizona Cardinals nose tackle Alameda Ta’amu.

Boone was fined $7,875 for a personal foul late in the 49ers' 32-20 victory Sunday when he reacted angrily after Ta’amu appeared to kick him in the face.

When asked Wednesday if he would appeal the fine, Boone told CSNBayArea.com, “Of course. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

It was not immediately known whether the NFL fined Ta’amu, too. He was not called for a penalty on the play in which Boone was flagged.

After the game Sunday, Boone spoke about the difficult nature of immediately flipping a switch and handling such a situation with composure.

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“I think people forget that this is a physical sport,” Boone said. “They’re asking us to be like animals out there and really try to grind and grind and grind. All of a sudden, somebody kicks you in the face. Am I supposed to be an animal now? Or am I supposed to be myself?

“It’s hard to sometimes draw the line. But that’s on me. I should know better. I’m smarter than that. I can’t continue to put the team in bad positions. Had we not scored, it could’ve really hurt us. That was my fault.”