Warriors players predicting a 49ers win
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Fresh off a 113-93 win against Phoenix Saturday night, several members of the Golden State Warriors were eager to share their Super Bowl predictions.

It shouldn’t shock anyone that everyone predicted victory for the local team, but in a strange coincidence all eight players, polled separately, predicted San Francisco to score in the 20s and none had the 49ers winning by more than 13.

Their rationale did waiver.

Stephen Curry, who has long backed the 49ers publicly, cited faith in David Akers while picking a 20-17 game.

“He’ll give me two field goals, Curry said, “two short chip shots.”

For Maryland-native Jarrett Jack, a big Washington Redskins fan, going against the team from his home state was largely a result of personal ties. He grew up near 49ers TE Vernon Davis and his younger brother went to high school with 49ers LB Navorro Bowman.

“I think everyone would like to see Ray Lewis go out in a good fashion, but I’m rooting for the Niners and hopefully they can get it done,” said Jack, who predicted a 28-21 score. “I like what Coach Harbaugh and those guys are doing over there.”

Charles Jenkins (27-13), Festus Ezeli (24-16) and Andrew Bogut (no score) all admitted they don’t watch much football, but that didn’t stop anyone of them from going with the 49ers, too.

Draymond Green took his prediction more seriously: “The Ravens are going to start out winning because they’ll be rolling high off the Ray Lewis joint,” Green said. “and then Colin Kaepernick comes through, 26-23 49ers.”

No word on if Green’s prediction would have been different if he knew Lewis’ “squirrel dance” won’t be happening.

Kent Bazemore provided some analysis to backup his 27-21 prediction:

“I think the Ravens’ defense is pretty stiff in the red zone,” he said. “Niners will probably score three TDs and get down there two times ... David Akers will chip in two shorties.”

David Lee said he didn’t expect it to be too high scoring and went 24-14.

Coach Mark Jackson also put his support behind San Francisco.

“I just want to say an incredible job by Coach Harbaugh, incredible job by the 49ers,” Jackson said. “We are here supporting and extremely proud. Looking forward to them coming back Super Bowl champs.”

The 49ers’ previous five Super Bowl titles haven’t been much of an indicator of Warriors success to come. Golden State only finished with winning seasons following 49ers Super Bowls in 1981-82 (45-37) and 1988-89 (43-39). The team struggled following the championships in 1984-85 (22-60), 1989-90 (37-45) and 1994-95 (26-56).

The Warriors’ last NBA title came in 1975.