Thompson: 'It takes more than five guys to win a championship'
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Klay Thompson spoke with the media on Wednesday, and addressed several topics.

Below is the full transcript from the video above:

Q: I know you guys had success doing this last year, coming in early. Is it important to be doing that again?

A: Yeah, just cause relatively we've got a lot of, I mean, a new team. Last year, you know, it really, I feel, payed dividends at the end of the season. You know, I feel like we're really ahead of where we need to be coming in to training camp. It's just fun being here, you know, being to be able to play five on five, it's a relaxed environment and to have all the guys here means, like, we're really serious about what we want to do.

Q: Is it different with the all expectations this year? I know last year at this time not a lot of people thought you would be able to do what you ended up doing.

A: Not really, just cause we know we've got a good roster. Last year we knew we were gonna be good and this year we know we're gonna be good. So, it's not any added pressure or anything, if we just go out there and play hard the results should take care of them self just like last year.

Q: How'd you spend your summer? Gym, weight room, golf course?

A: All of the above, you know, throw the beach in there a little bit, that ten day trip to China was fun, went to the Bahamas to see my family. I got to go to Vegas to see our summer league team win, and play in the USA showcase, so it was a great summer for me. Every year I'm in the league it seems like the summer gets shorter, but that's a good thing, so it's great to be back, and im happy the weather's great and you know I'm excited for what we're building here.

Q: Anything specific in your game you worked on this summer?

A: Yeah, my decision making and just my moves around the rim. You know, my outside shot will always be my staple of my game. Trying to get in better shape, you know, more flexible, and trying to improve my defense, the defensive side of the ball. I'm trying to keep focusing on putting the ball better on the floor, and I feel like if I build off that, you know, it's gonna expand my game so much.

Q: You made a huge leap on the defensive side last year, do you think you can make a similar leap in some portion of your game this year?

A: Yeah, hopefully the same thing on the offensive side, you know, this is my third year in the league. My comfort level is at an all-time high, just cause I've had two years under my belt, I got some playoff experience, so, I know what I need to work on. That's why there's 13 or 14 of us here right now, you know, we know we have stuff to work on. I've seen improvement in a lot of our guys and I'm just trying to do the same thing and I think I've still got a lot of room to grow.

Q: What was your initial reaction when they signed Andre?

A: Im just happy, you know, I don't have to go against him anymore. He's a tough guy, he's so long and strong and I played against him a lot last year so I know how he plays. It's gonna be great for us cause he's a great scores but an even better play maker. He's a great leader, I can just see it in the two weeks I've been here. And he's gonna help us, he's gonna be a swiss army knife for us. He can play one through three, he can defend at a high level and that's a huge sign for us.

Q: So did you go to Mark Jackson and demand that you start?

A: No, uhh... Nope, ya know its up to Mark, I know I'm gonna play (smiles). If that's coming off the bench or starting, as long as I get in there and compete, ya know that's all you can ask for yourself. If I just get in there and compete I know my game will speak for itself.

Q: Have you and Harrison talked about that?

A: Not really, I mean me and Harrison are both capable of starting. We just gotta feel it out and [see] who comes off the bench better, and who's a starter who fits that role better. That's what we got training camp for, that's what we got the whole month of preseason for. I'm not really concerned with it. Harrison has gotten so much better, he works really hard and we push each other, we go against each other everyday on five on five. I think we both help each other's development. It takes more than five guys to win a championship. So if one of us comes off the bench, as long as I can help this team win.

A: Signing Andre, I feel like we got three or four guys that can really play defense on the perimeter. Kent and Harrison they're great at defense too, and we got Bogut back there. So our defense I think is gonna take leaps and bounds this year. We were good last year, but I think we're going to be great this year.

Q: That's a relief, huh?

A: It is a relief you know. Cause going up against the best guy every day is fun, but now I can focus on exerting just as much energy on the offensive end and just as much on defense. Last year when you're busting your tail chasing tony parking around a triple screen, and  then doing the same thing on the  offensive end it gets tiring i'm not going to lie.  But this year we got so much balance, and we’re so deep you can really play your hardest and get a blow, and it won't even be a drop off.

Q: Did you watch Game One versus the Spurs this summer?

A: Uhm, I think I was flying during that time actually [pause]. Game One when we played? Oh heck no, sore subject.

Q: What about the first half of Game Two?

A: Nah. I mean, I have but it’s like I don't want to get caught up in the past, you know? That was a great time, hopefully we can go even further this year.