Report: NBA to expand use of short-sleeved jerseys
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The Warriors played test bunny last season, wearing the first modern short-sleeved NBA uniforms. Hopefully you liked them, because more teams are expected to incorporate the new-look alternate jerseys next year, according to ESPN.

The report indicates that "as many as five teams" could don the jerseys for "as many as 12 games."

"We are interested in doing more short-sleeve jerseys when it makes sense," said Patrik Nilsson, president of adidas North America.

The Warriors wore the sleeves three times in their 2012-'13 playoff season, drawing mixed reviews and a 1-2 record. Stephen Curry called them ugly after the 113-95 loss to the Bulls on March 15, but Harrison Barnes was vocal in his approval throughout.

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No matter the look or performance, the real impetus for expanding the scope of sleeved jerseys is increased revenue.

"The life cycle of our jersey continues to be really strong," said Sal LaRocca, the league's executive vice president of global merchandising. "Over the last few years, sales of our traditional tank-top basketball jersey has been growing worldwide. But we know that more men are comfortable wearing T-shirts than tank tops, so the idea that part of our consumer base would be interested in wearing a jersey with sleeves makes sense."

Adidas pays a reported $35 million a year to be the NBA's official apparel provider through the 2016-'17 season.