Report: Guilty plea expected in Jackson extortion case
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Mark Jackson is getting a big win.

The man accused of extorting him plans to plead guilty on March 21 in the U.S. District Court in Oakland, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report.

The Warriors head coach has been at the center of a contentious case involving a woman he was having an affair with. Alexis Adams, a former stripper, received numerous explicit photos from Jackson during their year-long relationship. When Jackson refused to pick Adams over his wife, an Adams' associate, Marcus Shaw, confronted Jackson in April with the photos he had sent to Adams.

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Jackson gave Shaw $5,000 for what he thought were the only copies of the incriminating photos. Jackson destroyed the photos he had been given. He thought that was the end of it, but later that month, Shaw re-appeared, this time sending the photos to Jackson's wife of 22 years, Desiree Coleman, trying to get more money. Shaw also threatened to make the photos public.

Jackson reportedly offered Shaw $200,000 in order to make the situation go away, according to The Smoking Gun. Before the exchange could take place, Jackson told the Warriors about the extortion attempt by Shaw and the team helped him bring it to the attention of the FBI.

Shaw is being charged with extortion and conspiracy to commit extortion.

"Mr. Shaw is accepting responsibility for this unfortunate incident and expresses his remorse and apology to the individual involved," said Shaw's attorney, Randy Sue Pollock.

The case against Adams is still ongoing, according to the report.

It's good news for Jackson, who won't have the burden of the case hanging over him as he tries to guide the Warriors to their second playoff appearance in the last 19 seasons.