Reggie Miller drops expletive prior to Warriors’ team prayer
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We know Reggie Miller and Mark Jackson go way back since their playing days in Indiana, but Miller apparently forgot about Jackson’s aversion to swearing after Golden State’s 92-88 series-ending win over Denver on Thursday night.

Miller, a color analyst who worked Game 6 for TNT, was 34 seconds into his very nice congratulatory speech in the Warriors locker room when he let an S-bomb fly for all to hear when referring to Golden State's turnover-fest in the game's final minute. And he let it fly just prior to the Warriors' postgame prayer.

To Jackson's credit, the Warriors coach laughed it off and suggested “stuff” was a better option. Then, Draymond Green led the winners in what sounds like a profanity-free prayer (WARNING: Profanity at the 34-second mark):