Myers on Jackson: 'We think he's a part of our future'
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OAKLAND -- In the days following the conclusion to Golden State's improbable run to the Western Conference semifinals, both Warriors coach Mark Jackson and general manager Bob Myers said there has been no discussion in regards to Jackson's contract situation.

Jackson is under contract for the 2013-14 season and the team holds an option for the following year, which would need to be exercised by June 30, 2014.

Neither side -- at least not publicly -- has expressed a need to expedite talks to extend Jackson's deal.

"I'm truly not concerned about that at all. That will play itself out, whatever it is I'm a guy that … I trust God and I trust it'll work itself out," Jackson said. "I'm in the best hands possible and I don't mean (agent) Arn Tellem."

Coincidently, Myers worked for Tellem when he was a player agent before taking over as general manager of the Warriors.

Myers said there have been no discussions yet in regards to extending Jackson's current deal.

"(Jackson's contract) is something I'll discuss with his formidable agent Arm Tellum," Myers said with a laugh. "I'm going to try to get together with Arm. We've talked about discussing everything. I haven't done that yet. It would be premature to say what would come up in (that discussion)."

He gave no timeframe of when that discussion with Tellum would take place.

"The organization thinks Mark did a great job," Myers said. "We are really are proud of the effort he got out of our players. I don't think anyone expected us to get as far as we did and we think he had a big part of that and we think he's a part of our future."