Iguodala enjoys flying under radar, doesn't like nickname 'Iggy'
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Andre Iguodala met with the media on Wednesday afternoon for the first time since his introductory press conference back on July 11.

Below is a partial transcript from his media scrum with reporters at the Warriors' practice facility in Oakland:

Q: What have you learned about some of the guys on the team since you've been here?

AI: I don't know if I learned anything new. I learned a lot about the guys in the playoff series -- really competitive and compete everyday; work really hard. We have a really talented group at the wing position because we all push each other; really competing against each other, so it's gonna be good for us.  I think everyone has been back for a couple of weeks now; in and out since the first week of September."

Q: Was it like this at all with Denver, or even with Philly, where guys were here this early and working out this regularly?
AI: I don't know if it was this organized, but in Philly, I think my last year there, we had a tight-knit group of guys. We got together not in Philly, but in various places throughout the country, but it wasn't this organized. And in Denver I was there two weeks early, but I have to say this is the earliest.

Q: What do you think everybody is getting out of this?
AI: Just building a sense of a team. Just having that unity. Kind of building that foundation, hopefully something great.

Q: Steph said there is a sign in the locker room, the goal for the season starts with number five. Is 50 or more wins something you guys, is it realistic, something that you guys are aiming for?
AI: Myself personally, I would say more than that. But I'm going to have make adjustments, just getting used to the guys. I think they're certainly finding out things that I do that I bring to the table, maybe they didn't know when playing against me. Hopefully that transition phase we can work out quickly to get things rolling ... then ook at our schedule and see where we're at; see teams we're playing against. The good thing is we have a bunch of good character guys, so the No. 1 main thing for us is winning. I think we put winning as a team over any individual goals. Those are the type of things that don't show up on the stat sheet that can help our team win.

Q: Is that something that you were looking for before the season, before you came to the Warriors, as a team with better character guys?
AI: I wouldn't say that. I definitely have played with some great guys on every team that I've been on. But I think top to bottom I fit in well personality-wise on and off the court with a lot of guys on the team.

Q: When you say maybe you are showing some things that they hadn't seen, what would you say you are doing a little bit more of now?
AI: When hen you get in pick-up you can get caught up in guys wanting to shoot the ball and score, but I've just really been trying to get a good feel for where guys like to shoot, how our bigs cut, who likes to pop, how guys like the ball in the post, how I can cut off Bogut. I've been passing up a lot for myself just to figure out those guys, and then I can assert myself into the offense once training camp gets started.

Q: How do you fit in, personality-wise with these guys?
AI: It's pretty easy. You have different personalities with different teams. It's a little easier with this team. You have some guys that are laid back. Draymond's an energy guy. Kent is an energy guy. D-Lee is a different kind of guy, we are both midwest guys so I really understand him, and have non-verbal communication with him. I've become a really big fan of Bogut. He's really good.

AI: No I did not. I have really high expectations for us but I won't say too much about wins. I'd rather fly under the radar which seems to be the case with a lot of rankings, preseason rankings, and backcourt rankings, things like that. We're gonna be focused throughout training camp and we're setting the bar high for ourselves.