Curry lands regional Sports Illustrated cover
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Warriors guard Stephen Curry is a cover boy on a regional edition of Sports Illustrated this week.

Curry is shown taking a jumper in the first round against Denver with the headline: "Give Stephen Curry An Inch And He Might Take Golden State A Mile." The story was written by senior writer Chris Ballard.

The last time a Warrior was featured on the cover of the magazine during the playoffs was in April 1967 when Rick Barry was featured with the cover reading: "Rick Barry Leads The Underdog Warriors Against Philadelphia."

In all, the Warriors have had a player featured on the cover seven times with the most recent being Latrell Sprewell after his incident with coach P.J. Carlesimo in 1997. Chris Mullin was featured in a secondary spot on a cover in 1989.

Lloyd "World B." Free was the last to be featured prominently on the cover for his play in December 1980.

Barry (Feb. 12, 1967 and April 24, 1967) and Wilt Chamberlain (April 12, 1965 and Oct. 30, 1961) appeared on the cover twice.