1-on-1 with Warriors F Draymond Green
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OAKLAND -- Warriors second-year forward Draymond Green took some time to sit down with me at the Warriors training facility on Tuesday and filled me in about his offseason of hard work, and healthier diet. 

Henry Wofford: I apologize to everyone on the web, I promised Draymond Green but you're not Draymond Green, are you?

Draymond Green: Absolutely

HW: wait a minute, Draymond's about 20 lbs heavier than you, man.

DG: (laughs) A few transformations, you know, get in the gym a little bit. You know,make sure I'm trying to get my body right, eat a little healthier and this is what you get.

HW: What did you do? How much will power did it take to turn things around?

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DG: You know, it takes a lot but at the end of the day this is important to me. I love this game,you know, and I love being able to get out on the court and contribute. You know, it's hard but when you sit at the table and you want to eat that cheesecake,you can remember, you know, 'I can eat this cheesecake and be out of the league in a year or two, or, you know, I can eat this baked chicken and try to prolong my career.'

HW: Baked chicken? that doesn't seem good, what about the fried stuff?

DG: You know, I've had the fried stuff enough in my life where I don't need none of that. You know, if you know somebody who knows how to cook, or, you know, I can cook, you can make the baked chicken pretty good.

HW: How has life changed on the court now that you're a little bit lighter?

DG:  Man, it's changed a lot, you know, a lot quicker, being able to do a lot more things where you can actually get by a guy now as opposed to, you know, kinda getting by him but you can't really get that far ahead, so you're shooting a contested shot. You know, it makes it a lot easier getting to the hole, defending as well, and also getting up and getting rebounds, I can get a few more dunks this year, you know, get off my feet a little bit.

HW:  The bad news is a lot of women are getting whiplash, cause every time he walks past them they're like, (whips head to look past) 'woo-hoo, who is that guy', right? The girls are all over you now, man.

DG:  I mean, you know, they don't quite want a guy like me, I ain't that guy that they want, but, just trying to better my self, better my body and maybe I can get a few looks.