Tortorella hasn't seen Hertl goal ... yet
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VANCOUVER -- Tomas Hertl’s four-goal performance on Tuesday, and more specifically his skillful between-the-legs marker in the third period, has been the talk of the National Hockey League for the past 36 hours.

Canucks head coach John Tortorella, though, said he hasn’t even seen the goal yet, despite his team hosting the Sharks on Thursday night at Rogers Arena.

Tortorella was responding to a question about whether Hertl should be criticized for trying such a fancy move in what was already a blowout game against the Rangers.

“I haven’t even seen him. Everybody’s talking about the goal, and I haven’t seen it,” he said.

“I’m not going to comment on another team’s player. It’s not fair, one way or another. But, I haven’t even seen the play."

He planned on watching tape on the Sharks later on Thursday, he said, but his focus is on his own club. Tortorella is in his first season as the Canucks’ head coach, and after a season-opening loss in San Jose a week ago, has won its last three in a row.

“We’ll be prepared, and again, we spend a lot of time on our team. We’re not going to change a whole bunch. There are some faceoff tendencies and special teams is something that we certainly focus on with the other teams because of tendencies there. Other than that, when you’re playing different teams, it’s more important, at least in my mind, to worry about our execution.”

While he didn’t want to discuss Hertl, Tortorella was more than happy to comment on Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle, who was a part of the 2004 Tampa Bay Lightning club that won a Stanley Cup with Tortorella behind the bench.

Is there a bond there with Boyle?

“I’m not a big lovefest guy, but I’d be ignorant and disrespectful to Danny if I didn’t speak on that. Absolutely,” Tortorella said. “I saw Danny last time we played in there and it was great to see him, because you do. When you go the distance and go through some of the things -- and it was up and down with our relationship along the way -- yeah, you become close. I have no problem talking about that. That’s a different circumstance.”