Havlat meets with the media
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SAN JOSE – Sharks forward Marty Havlat was not among the 44 players on the ice on Thursday as camp opened, still rehabbing from offseason pelvic surgery. Havlat was made available to the media, and discussed his ongoing rehab and status.

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How are you feeling?

Havlat: “I’m feeling pretty good.”

How much skating have you been doing?

MH: “I’ve skated the last few weeks.”

Are there any limitations at all?

MH: “I feel pretty good.”

When do you think you’ll practice?

MH: “We’ll see. Right now, we’re working together with the medical team and doing everything as fast as I can to be back with the boys again.”

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When did you have the surgery?

MH: “I had it in June, I think. Early June.”

What do you want to share in terms of the surgery?

MH: “Nothing." (laughs)

You’ve been through a lot of different surgeries. Anything like this?

MH: “You know my history, what I had before. This is completely different [than] what I had done before. You can’t even compare that to shoulders, or anything like that. Shoulders and everything is a much bigger injury than that. It was much harder to rehab the shoulders than it is right now.”

Had it been bothering you awhile or did it pop up?

MH: “The stuff that came up in the playoffs was different than what I had in the season. It was an unfortunate injury at the wrong time.”

So [the surgery] was related to the playoff injury, not what was before it?

MH: “Yeah.”

Are you pleased with where this is going, and when you can get back on the ice?

MH: “Well, we’re all on the same page. I talked to Todd [McLellan] and talked to everybody, and we’re working with the medical staff and doing everything to be 100 percent and ready to go with the boys.”

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You tried so hard to get back to the playoffs and did return. Was it just a reoccurrence of the same injury [in Game 3 against L.A.]?

MH: “It was the same thing in the playoffs when I came back in Game 3. It was basically the same thing that happened in Game 1 against Vancouver in the first period.”

How frustrating was it to come back and then the same thing happens?

MH: “That time of the year you play hockey to be in the playoffs and have a chance to fight for the Cup. That’s why I came here, too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do anything. I had been hurt before but I never missed a playoff game; well, one with a concussion in Chicago. This was something new and it was hurting the most probably in the playoffs, and that’s not easy. I was doing everything I could to get back on the ice with the boys and help them, but I just couldn’t do it.”