Blues players, coach comment on Boyle hit
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ST. LOUIS – Here’s what St. Louis Blues head coach Ken Hitchcock, and forwards David Backes and Alex Steen, and had to say about Maxim Lapierre’s hit on Dan Boyle in Tuesday night’s 6-2 Sharks win. 

Hitchcock: “I haven't really looked at it that closely on the video to be honest with you, so I don't want to comment on it until I looked at it a few times. I don't think that had anything to do with the outcome today. One team played hard and smart.

"Tonight's an example of when you don't hold your discipline and your competitive composure, how things can unravel. That's what tonight's about. To me, they played the right way, they came in and played the right way and we didn't and we paid for it.”

“It's tough because it's Dan Boyle, and there's so much respect in this office because of history with Dan. We're hoping that he's OK, but I think from the standpoint of the game, I'm more concerned with the way we reacted to getting played hard.”

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Backes: “No one in their right mind would ever want that to happen to another guy. Our thoughts and prayers are with Dan Boyle and his family. That’s a scary thing, it's something you hope never happens. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery, and he's back on the ice soon.”

“Nobody ever wants that to happen. It's a tough thing to see that and to put it behind you and keep playing. That's disturbing.”

“I don't know if many people saw the hit, it was kind of tucked in that corner thats far away from our bench. It's a scrum and they're sticking up for their guys and our guys are responding. It's part of the game, unfortunately, but it's a response after that. It's human nature to feel some empathy for him and his family. He's got a wife that was probably watching the game; my wife's been in that situation, my mom's been in that situation where you're down and you’re hurt, they're panicked they can't help you.”

Backes on Lapierre: “He's playing hard, he's not trying to hurt anyone. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens. He's a guy that goes to war for us, and he's an integral part of our team. He's feeling bad, he hopes Dan Boyle's fine just like the rest of us do.”

Steen: “The whole situation's tough to watch, everybody felt badly. [Lapierre] didn't do anything on purpose, nobody wants to see stuff like that. He's obviously going to feel bad, but it's something that happens, an accident.”