Report: 'Good chance' JaMarcus gets shot at NFL comeback
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Widely regarded as the biggest draft bust in NFL history, former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell might get a chance to re-write that legacy.

Multiple teams are interested in the 2007 No. 1 overall draft pick, according to a CBSSports.com report, which cited an NFC scout.

"I've been following his comeback story pretty closely. I think a lot of teams are. Good chance he gets a second shot."

Russell began his comeback attempt at 315 pounds. Tuesday, in what he called the half-way mark of his training camp, he weighed in at 288 pounds. The 27-year old still has 18 pounds to shed before he reaches his goal of 270.

In a year when the NFL Draft offers a relatively shallow pool of quarterbacks, Russell's comeback attempt is well timed.

The three-year NFL veteran completed 354 of 680 pass attempts (.521) for 18 touchdowns and 23 interceptions with the Raiders before he was released May 6, 2010.