Raiders need Moore to stay confident
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ALAMEDA – Denarius Moore has five catches for 43 yards and the Raiders only receiving touchdown this season. Problem is, that sentence could’ve been written last week.

A receiver occasionally considered the team’s finest was held without a catch last Sunday vs. Jacksonville despite two targets, one of which was dropped.

That pair of efforts describe Moore’s tenure. Magnificent one moment, invisible the next.

It’s a source of frustration for coaches, fans and Moore himself. Moore has a tendency to get down on himself when things don’t go well.

“I think everybody does if they don’t have success,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said. “I think the key is to have confidence in yourself, know that you’re a good football player, which we all believe he is. I think he’ll be just fine.”

Moore knows he has to clear a mental hurdle when things aren't rolling right. He has to run the route after a drop like he just converted a third down. He needs to project confidence on every play.

“That’s what I’m slowly learning,” Moore said. “The coaches and the quarterback are always going to have faith in me, so I need to forget about a drop after it happens. I need to get back in that huddle with a positive attitude.”

Moore can’t fake it. Some positive plays Monday against the Denver Broncos would help make it real, and get him back on track. The talent is there. The consistency, as always, is the key. The cycle has to be broken. A team in need of a strong receiving presence can’t afford the ups and downs. They need each man to play to his potential each week.

The Raiders believe Moore will rebound and find his groove with quarterback Terrelle Pryor in time.

“It’s going to come with making some plays,” Allen said. “It’s going to come with when he gets his opportunities, being able to make something happen with it. He’s continued to come out here and work. The big thing is, he can’t get too down on himself. He’s got to continue to work and fight himself out of it. His opportunities are going to come. When they do, he’s got to take advantage of them.”