Raiders fire back after NFL Network's tuck rule tweet
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On July 18, the NFL Network's Twitter account sent out a tweet telling followers they were re-playing the infamous "Tuck Rule Game." The Raiders were not too happy.

The NFL Network's tweet read, "Patriots. Raiders. Tuck Rule. Right now." The Network was televising the 2002 AFC divisional playoff game between the Raiders and the New England Patriots, which the Patriots won thanks in part to a controversial call that directly involved the tuck rule.

Three minutes after the Network's tweet, the Raiders' official Twitter account fired back.

The Raiders weren't done, either. Eight minutes later, they tweeted this:

The NFL Network's response was brief:

The controversial call from the aforementioned AFC divisional game on January 19, 2002 came with just under 2 minutes in the fourth quarter. The Raiders led 13-10 and New England had the ball. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady dropped back to pass, looked to his left, pump faked, and tucked the ball in towards his side. Right as he brought the ball down, the Raiders' Charles Woodson flew in from Brady's right and forced the ball loose. The Raiders recovered the ball, which was ruled a fumble on the field.

But after looking at the replay, the officials ruled that Brady had merely thrown an incomplete forward pass, citing the tuck rule.

New England went on to tie the game on a 45-yard Adam Vinateri field goal with 27 seconds left in regulation. In overtime, Vinateri made a 23-yard kick to send the Patriots to AFC Championship Game.

Many criticized the NFL shortly after this game for allowing the tuck rule to exist, but it survived for 11 more years. On March 20 of this year, NFL owners agreed to eliminate the rule, reportedly with a 29-1 vote. The two teams that abstained from the vote: the Redskins and the Patriots.