Pryor: 'I feel 100 percent'
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ALAMEDA – Terrelle Pryor feels as healthy as ever. The Raiders quarterback was cleared for full contact on Friday afternoon and increased his practice activity a few hours later.

He’s passed every NFL-mandated test following Monday’s concussion suffered against the Denver Broncos. As far as the league’s concerned, Pryor is medically clear to play Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

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“I feel 100 percent,” Pryor said. “The main thing is preparing and getting ready. (Backup Matt Flynn) had a lot more reps than me this week, but I’m going to study real hard, as if I’m going to start.”

Raiders coach Dennis Allen hasn’t said if he will or not. Just as it was in Week 1, when a starter hadn’t been named, Allen is playing coy for competitive reasons.

“We haven’t made that decision,” Allen said. “The biggest thing is I like where he’s at, I like where he’s at mentally. Medically, we’re going to continue to evaluate him. He’s cleared medically. We want to get one more evaluation on him tomorrow to see how he responded. But, he’s making a lot of progress.”

The Raiders’ weekend evaluation is precautionary, not part of NFL protocol.

“It’s not something that has to be done,” Allen said. “It’s something that we want to do. I want to make sure that we’re making the right decision for this kid.”

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Pryor didn’t know about the precautionary exam, but was happy the team is looking out for his best interests. The team has been testing him all week, even in subtle ways. They would tell him something detail-oriented one day, and ask him to recall it the next. Pryor passed every exam, mandatory or not, in the week leading up to Sunday’s game.

Pryor said his mind is clear, much more so than days past. Pryor believes he’s ready to go despite limited reps, and is anxiously awaiting the official go-ahead to start.

“I felt better as the days have progressed. I’ve made big progress over a couple days, and I feel good, really good,” Pryor said. “I believe in my ability and still think I’m the best player when I step out of the field. I can make plays regardless, but I have to be sharp. I have to prove myself and have the guys believe that I can lead them to victory.”