Pryor becomes game manager in Raiders win over Jaguars
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OAKLAND – Terrelle Pryor put up big numbers in last week’s loss. He was far quieter in Sunday’s win.

His totals were chopped in half during a 19-9 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Coliseum, but he was fine with it.

Anything for the win.

The Raiders asked him to lead last week’s charge against the Colts. On Sunday, he was asked to manage it.

The Jaguars were committed to stopping Pryor the runner. They wanted him to throw often. They wanted him to make big mistakes. Never happened.

Pryor’s only improved stat was invaluable. He went from two turnovers to zero. That’s huge in a game where an early lead must be protected at all costs.

“I feel like I did my job with the plays that were called in,” Pryor said. “I did my job and we got a ‘W.’ I’m very happy about it.”

The ground game was going strong behind Darren McFadden on designed handoffs, so the Raiders stuck with what was working.

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Pryor missed some open men, and was behind on several throws, but he stayed out of danger and operated with low risk. He was 15-of-24 passing for 126 yards and had 50 yards on nine carries. Zero touchdowns, zero turnovers.

“There weren’t a lot of opportunities to throw the ball today,” Pryor said. “The defense was playing well and we were running strong, so we didn’t need to throw much. We had a lead and the coaches wanted to keep grinding with the run. We did what we had to do to win.”

Pryor had one regret, and it came in the red zone. The Raiders scored one touchdown in five trips, which won’t be good enough against the NFL’s better teams.

“I don’t like field goals,” Pryor said. “They’re better than nothing, but we want to score touchdowns. That’s always our goal, but we were happy to keep putting points on the board. We have to get better in the red zone, and be more efficient in that area.”

Pryor was less dynamic, but smarter with his decisions. He avoided some unnecessary hits and kept it out of the opponents hands. He put his ego in check and grinded out a win where he wasn’t the focal point.

“Everything we do with Terrelle is a growing process,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said. “That’s what you deal with having young players. He also plays a position where there’s a lot of learning involved. Every play, every game is a learning experience. There were some good things he did in the game. There were some things we have to work on, but that’s part of football. We’ll keep working and he’ll keep getting better.”