Appliance store offers mass refund if Raiders can't score
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As if Broncos fans weren't rooting for their team to beat the rival Raiders on Monday night anyway, a Colorado chain of outlet stores will once again provide an off-the-field incentive for its patrons to pull for Denver.

Appliance Factory will give away free appliances and mattresses if the Broncos shut out the Raiders on Monday Night Football.

The company has been offering the promotion for the last 10 years, covering all purchases made between Sunday, Sept. 15 and Sunday, Sept. 22. The Denver Post reports that the purchase price must be between $499 and $3,000.

If the Broncos manage to keep the Raiders off the scoreboard, customers that made a purchase during the one-week window can return their item to one of the stores and claim a check for the value of their purchase.

"We'd so love to give away what we sell, but (Sebastian) Janikowski kicking in Denver is always a challenge," Appliance Factory chief operating officer told ESPN's Darren Rovell.

One might wonder why a company would be willing to give away potentially over $1 million in products. Marketing manager Jason Duong had an answer.

"We are being fans here, and it is something fun to do," Duong told the Denver Post. "We took out an insurance policy on it, so everything is already paid for."

The Appliance Factory website is running an ad for the promotion, boasting a non-too pleasing list for Raiders fans:

Ten Reasons Why Denver will Shut Out Oakland
1. They say football is a game of inches and they'd be right if they were talking about Oakland's offensive gains
2. Oakland is used to being high... Just not a Mile High
3. Name the quarterback for Oakland... exactly.
4. Because we have Peyton "Freaking" Manning
5. Proposition 64... the only thing on Oakland's mind.
6. The Raiders have spent practice time twerking
7. Because Tebow would be an improvement at QB for Oakland.
8. We got beat by a deep pass last year, Oakland barely completed one.
9. Raiders backwards is srediar... French for "awful at football".
10. "Daddy what's winning?" I don't know son... we're Oakland fans.