Allen content with how Raiders handled Pryor concussion
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ALAMEDA – Raiders head coach Dennis Allen has gone over the play where quarterback Terrelle Pryor was concussed in his mind and on tape. He doesn’t see much wrong with how the incident was handled.

He didn’t have a problem with Wesley Woodyard’s hit, which featured helmet-to-helmet contact. It was an unfortunate play in a violent sport.

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Allen also filled in some blanks surrounding the incident. Pryor played two snaps after being concussed despite an official review followed by a timeout.

Allen spoke with Pryor near the sideline after the striking blow, and saw no reason to pull his young quarterback.

“He didn’t show any signs of any concussion or anything like that,” Allen said. “We put him back in the game and then when he came over to the sideline (after Oakland turned it over on downs), that’s when our medical people took a look at him and decided we needed to send him into the locker room for further evaluation.”

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Pryor was diagnosed with a concussion and did not return. The NFL has an independent observer at each game to review hits and suggest a player be evaluated for head trauma. It’s unclear who prompted the examination, but Allen believes the Raiders followed league protocol well.

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“You try to do everything you can to make sure that you’re taking into account player safety and I think our medical people followed the protocol that’s set forth by the NFL,” Allen said. “They followed it exactly how it’s supposed to be followed. When we determined he had a concussion, we got him out of the game.”