Sacramento group makes concession to NBA to keep Kings
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In a "Keep the Kings in Sacramento, no matter the costs" move, the group of investors trying to keep the Kings right where they are made a surprising concession prior to last week's vote by the relocation committee in New York.

In order to try to sway the league, the group led by Warriors co-owner Vivek Ranadive agreed take a reduced amount of revenue sharing while the team plays in their current facility, Sleep train Arena, according to The Sacramento Bee, which cites a story in the SportsBusiness Journal.

As part of the deal to keep the Kings in the state capital, they will be allowed to build a new arena in downtown Sacramento. The group has agreed to take no revenue sharing money once that facility is operational.

Under the current revenue sharing program, the Kings would collect roughly $18 million a year from the richest teams in the league.

The NBA Board of Governors are meeting in Dallas on May 15 and will hold the final vote on the Sacramento-Seattle issue.