Bulls assistant coach reflects on Sacramento playing days
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Aggrey Sam

SAN FRANCISCO — In the wake of the Bulls’ 42-point loss to the Kings, nobody associated with the Bulls is likely to have many positive feelings about Sacramento, let alone be concerned with whether the franchise relocates to Seattle next season.

“I made some really good friends here. My second year, they broke the team up. I actually got traded and went to Boston. But I still have a friendship with Kenny Smith, Reggie Theus. I just talked to LaSalle Thompson, who’s coaching with the Knicks, yesterday, and there are two people here that I’m going to see tonight, that have been season ticket-holders from the very beginning. I’m still friends with them  and I’ve sort of watched all their kids grow and get older, so it was really, really good from that standpoint. We weren’t really successful on the court, but off the court, I developed some really great friendships,” he told CSNChicago.com before Wednesday’s game.

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