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The Royals' biggest threat coming into the World Series was their speed. But the Giants never allowed them to get going in Game 1.
Madison Bumgarner kept the Royals frustrations high and their hopes low as the Giants' ace dissected Kansas City's lineup.
History is on the side of Madison Bumgarner and the relentless Giants, The Team Of Occasional Octobers In This Millennium.
With a game-high 27 points Stephen Curry led the Warriors to a decisive victory over a Clippers team which sat its big stars on Tuesday.
Madison Bumgarner continued his dominance in the World Series, giving up one run in seven innings as the Giants beat the Royals 7-1 in Game 1.
Brandon Rush is unlikely to play in the Warriors season opener next week, but it's not his surgically repaired knee that's giving him problems.
Logan Couture and Joe Thornton each scored with tip-in goals against the Bruins in the second period for the Sharks' Shots of the Game.
The Sharks blew a third-period lead and couldn't recover despite an extended power play to end the game, falling to the Bruins 5-3.
Mike Sweeney is a five-time All-Star first baseman, but what he is most proud of is his Royals heritage and hopes pass on this pride to the current players.
The Kansas City Royals definitely have the speed advantage against the Giants, but Jake Peavy got some advice on how to deal with that.
Many of the Royals young players have limited postseason experience, but one of their rookies has been getting advice from a legendary source.