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With Boston now out of the 2024 Olympics race, Los Angeles is exploring a new bid that could include Bay Area cooperation.
It was a rough night at the office for Pablo Sandoval on Wednesday...
Training camp is approximately six weeks away, and the Sharks' coaching staff has not been finalized yet. Could Evgeni Nabokov be added to the mix?
The trade deadline is Friday afternoon at 1 p.m. PST. The clock is ticking...
Although the 49ers got virtually no production from this position last year, the organization feels very good about the talent and depth they’ve assembled at this spot.
There is a pall hanging over this season, and it has nothing to do with the product on the field...
The A's may have blown another winnable game, and shot at a sweep, but how they performed on the road against a first-place team was inspiring at times.
The A's rallied back from a two-run deficit in the seventh, only to have the Dodgers respond with seven runs to steal the win and split the series.
Los Angeles Kings defenseman Slava Voynov is reportedly serving his sentence for a domestic violence charge...
The Phillies on Wednesday night are putting the finishing touches on a trade to send Cole Hamels to the Rangers, sources tell CSN Philly.
In a reported three-team deal with the Braves and Marlins, the Dodgers will add two starting pitchers, a pair of relievers, Michael Morse and a top prospect.