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Patriots coach Bill Belichick, at an impromptu Saturday press conference, reiterated that he is confident his team "followed every rule to the letter" in terms of how it handled its footballs.
The Giants are reportedly one of several teams "showing strong interest" in Cuban second baseman Hector Olivera.
Looking to fill out their minor league system, the Giants have signed John Bowker and Brandon Hicks to minor league deals.
After reportedly being an offensive coordinator candidate for the 49ers, Lane Kiffin has decided not to return to the NFL.
Trail Blazers star LaMarcus Aldridge has informed the organization that he wanted to postpone surgery and make an immediate return to the lineup.
Ryan Vogelsong was reportedly near an agreement with the Astros, but something happened on his trip to Houston that left him uncomfortable.
After Klay Thompson set an NBA record and a new career-high in points, he received some praise from his dad comparing him to his childhood idol.
Warriors' Stephen Curry lobs it up to Klay Thompson for an ally-oop one-handed slam against the Sacramento Kings.
On his sixth go-round for the Hall of Fame, will this be the year former Raiders receiver Tim Brown is enshrined? We’ll know on Jan. 31.
The Kings witnessed Klay Thompson's record-breaking performance first hand. Here's what they had to say after the game.
Klay Thompson's historic night was the latest moment in an insane season in which the Warriors keep raising the bar higher and higher.