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The Carolina Panthers had the best regular-season record before losing Super Bowl 50. And they are among three favorites to emerge from Super Bowl 51 as champions. The Panthers, New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks are all listed as 9-to-1 favorites to win next year’s...
Things are changing in New York, where the Knicks on Monday morning fired coach Derek Fisher midway through his second season.
Raiders fans know the sight -- Broncos linebacker Von Miller rushes for a relentless forced fumble. In Super Bowl 50, Cam Newton felt the pain.
All the hoopla heading into Super Bowl 50 was stories about old Peyton Manning and young Cam Newton. In the end, neither were deciding factors.
Cam Newton spent most of the season dominating NFL defenses. But on Sunday, the MVP was any but against a stout Broncos' defense.
In the middle of the Super Bowl, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch sent out a tweet that many may perceive as his retirement announcement.
The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers to claim the Lombardi Trophy. Here's how athletes and teams reacted on social media.
Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller's defensive dominance led his team to a Super Bowl 50 title over the Panthers and was named Super Bowl MVP.
The vaunted Panthers offense never got going Sunday, as the Broncos clamped down and won Super Bowl 50 24-10 at Levi's Stadium.
Peyton Manning is now a two-time Super Bowl champ, but the Broncos' win on Sunday was all about Denver's dominating defense.
For the Panthers, the third quarter was a house of horrors. A missed field goal and untimely turnovers proved costly as Denver extended their lead.