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The Saints looked sharp on Thursday Night Football, dispatching of Cam Newton and the rival Panthers 28-10 to take control of the NFC South.
The NCAA upheld its decision to suspend Georgia's star running back Todd Gurley for four games due to rule violations.
A disappointing opener marred by self-inflicted wounds spoiled the groundbreaking ceremony for the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night.
Giants all-timer Barry Bonds did not stay in for Game 7 of the World Series. In fact, Bonds was in the middle of the action, celebrating the victory.
Manager Bob Melvin promoted Darren Bush to replace hitting coach Chili Davis, seeing a great deal of expertise in the A's former bullpen coach.
Carlos Rogers has been dealing with a knee injury for weeks and missed another practice on Thursday. The Raiders are preparing for anything.
Rookie cornerback Jimmie Ward, along with several other defenders, have returned to practice for the 49ers, providing a boost heading into Week 9.
The Warriors announced that the team has picked up the fourth-year options for 2012 draft mates Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli.
Mychal Rivera is coming off his best game of the season and seeking continued growth. Progress against a stout Seattle defense will be key.
Dan Uggla represents the desperation that gripped the Giants at the end of July. An 0-for-11 season has never been more productive.
The celebration in San Francisco's streets following the Giants' World Series victory started peaceful but took a number of violent turns.