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OAKLAND – The A’s enjoy dealing last-inning heartache to opponents with their knack for comebacks. Being on the receiving end isn’t nearly as fun. They found that out in Tuesday night’s 5-4 loss to the Texas Rangers, a punch to the gut in which victory somehow found a way...
LOS ANGELES – For the first half of Game 3, the speed and swiftness that was so palpable in the Sharks’ two wins over Los Angeles to start their playoff series was missing in action.
The Oakland Coliseum Authority offered the Athletics a ten-year lease extension Tuesday. The team didn't take long to respond.
The A's could potentially remain at Coliseum for a long time as the Coliseum authority has offered the team a ten-year lease extension.
Madison Bumgarner allowed just two runs over eight strong innings but the Giants managed to score just one in a frustrating 2-1 loss.
The Raiders have finished 4-12 for the past two seasons in a row, but offseason aquisition LaMarr Woodley think his team is playoff bound.
Mark Jackson is something of a boxing aficionado who understands that savagery is part of the artistry. And, evidently, he has had enough watching his team take blows.
The MLB's new instant replay review system has caused some game delays, but manager Bob Melvin thinks rushing the process would be worse.
Darren McFadden has always struggled with injury and Maurice Jones-Drew has been hampered the past two seasons. But the Raiders are optimistic they can retain old form...
Maurice Jones-Drew and his pack of 'old dogs' don’t sweat the talk. Every negative report, every discount of their talent before taking a snap together only fuels their fire.
After he missed the A's Game 1 loss to the Rangers, Yoenis Cespedes is back in, batting fifth and playing left field.