Winning increases value of Giants and A's
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The latest Forbes team valuations are out, and the Giants and A's ownership groups should be pleased with the dollar signs they are seeing, not that they have any intentions of selling their teams anytime soon.

After a second World Series title in three years, the Giants are moving into elite territory. They jumped from 9th place to 7th, passing the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels. The World Champs are currently valued at $786 million. The victory over the Tigers in the Fall Classic gave them a $143 million bump over 2012's valuation of $643 million.

The Giants have a long way to go catch their arch-rival Dodgers. Despite selling for a record $2 billion last year, the Dodgers are valued at $1.615 billion.

As for the A's, coming off a mad dash to steal the AL West crown from the Rangers on the last day of the season, they saw their stock soar through the roof. Lew Wolff's prized possession is now worth $468 million according to Forbes. That number is a hefty increase over the $321 million price tag placed on the team in 2012.

Those aging Yankees are a goliath in this category, as one might expect. Forbes values them at a cool league-leading $2.3 billion.