Report: Giants place Lopez on waivers
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DENVER – Giants left-hander Javier Lopez has hit the waiver wire, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, and it’s a near certainty that a contending club will claim him.

If the Giants seek to deal Lopez, they would have to reach agreement with the claiming team within 48 hours or pull him back off waivers. Players can be placed on revocable waivers just once within the period.

Lopez, 36, is having another outstanding season (2-2, 1.99 ERA in 55 games), but his true value was on display in the 2010 and ’12 postseason, when he neutralized pretty much every top left-handed hitter – Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Prince Fielder, Joey Votto, etc. – and performed a vital function to help the Giants to a pair of championships.

The Giants intentionally waited until late in August to place Lopez on waivers, with the thought that the crop of legitimate contenders would thin and a team that really wanted Lopez would be able to claim him. Players are eligible for the postseason as long as their new team acquires them by Aug. 31.

National League clubs have first crack at Lopez, by reverse order of the standings.

Lopez received quite a bit of interest at the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, but the Giants stuck to a high asking price. It remains to be seen whether a claiming contender would feel better positioned to sacrifice a prime prospect for Lopez at this stage.

For his part, Lopez said he was relieved when the Giants didn’t trade him at the July 31 deadline, saying, “We’re not playing ball like we’d like, but I signed for two years for this organization and they’re honoring that commitment.”

Lopez is a free agent after the season.