Proctor blames alcoholism for career downturn
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There was a day and time that Scott Proctor was known as one of the go-to arms in the New York Yankees bullpen. Befriending the bottle among a series of wrong turns took away that distinction.

Proctor, who signed a minor-league deal with the Giants and is currently with them in Spring Training fighting for a 25-man roster spot, told the San Francisco Chronicle that it wasn't being overused that led to his downfall as a premier reliever. Proctor told the paper he was a binge drinker who either drank until he passed out or there wasn't a drop of booze left.

“I think some things that happened and some poor choices on how I lived my life led to it more than anything,” Proctor said.

Proctor has pitched in over 300 games and claims to be four years sober. Proctor said Yankees' closer Mariano Rivera was one of the main players who told him he needed to put an end to the abuse.

“Mariano had been on me a long time about just making wiser choices,” Proctor said. “Then I had a bullpen coach, Steve Foster, a really good Christian guy who tried to help me make a change in my life, and thank goodness I’m married to a great woman (Carrie) who has been supportive throughout my career, through the good and bad, and I owe a lot to her.”