Posey blows World Series in MLB '13 The Show commercial
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Buster Posey may have fallen short of being immortalized on the cover of MLB '13 The Show, but a 30 second commercial released Wednesday reveals the Giants catcher as a pivotal part of the video game's roll-out.

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The commercial description reads: "We interview NL MVP Buster Posey about how he dealt with his embarrassing 2012 World Series loss to the Detroit Tigers. So real, it's unreal."

In reality, Posey went 4-for-15 in the Giants' four-game World Series sweep of the Detroit Tigers, going deep in the pivotal Game 4.

The glaring inconsistency of the outcome isn't the commercial's only inaccuracy. At first glance, you may have thought No. 12 being forced out at second base was Nate Schierholtz. But closer inspection reveals it to be a "Valdez" (pause the video at :15 you can see his name on the back of his helmet). Wilson Valdez was signed by the Giants in December of 2012, over a month after Posey's home run helped the Giants sweep. And Schierholtz spent his final 37 games of 2012 with the Philadelphia Phillies, who failed to reach the playoffs. So whether it's Valdez or Schierholtz, neither were on the Giants' World Series roster, lending further credence to Posey reaction.

"It's a video game, you moron."

Watch the commercial yourself: