Pitch by pitch: Pagan faces Casilla in WBC final
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Giants teammates Santiago Casilla and Angel Pagan shook hands after the game Tuesday night, but only one walked away a winner.

Pagan and Casilla, who will report back to Giants camp in Arizona to complete spring training this week, competed against each other -- quite directly -- in the Domincan Republic's 3-0 win over Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic final Tuesday night at AT&T Park.

[RECAP: Dominican Republic 3, Puerto Rico 0]

D.R. manager Tony Pena called on Casilla to handle the eighth inning, in which Pagan was slated to lead off.

Let's take a pitch-by-pitch look at the at-bat between teammates:

Pitch 1 -- 4-seam fastball -- 92 mph -- Ball

Pitch 2 -- 4-seam fastball -- 92 mph -- Ball

Pitch 3 -- 4-seam fastball -- 92 mph -- Called Strike

Pitch 4 -- 4-seam fastball -- 92 mph -- Ball

Pitch 5 -- 2-seam fastball -- 91 mph -- Ball

Did it seem to you that neither teammate wanted any part of the other?

It wasn't the first time the teammates squared off in the international tournament. Pagan took Casilla for a triple in the eighth inning of their WBC first-round game in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 10.

Both Giants players acquitted themselves nicely over their 17 combined WBC games. Casilla finished the tournament with five shutout innings and four holds, while Pagan's 12 hits were second only to MVP Robinson Cano's 15.