Pence welcomes challenge of big park
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I caught up with San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence Tuesday night at AT&T Park. He was there helping to promote the 2013 version of “MLB The Show.” Here’s some of what I learned during my visit:

Which Giants teammate does the best impression of Pence’s pregame postseason pep talks?

“Matt Cain’s was really really good," Pence said. "Jeremy Affeldt too, he had the eyes!”

Pence will be a free agent next off-season. Will AT&T Park’s reputation as a “pitcher's park” play a roll in the sluggers’ decision about his future?

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“I actually love this park," he said. "I think it’s one of the most beautiful parks in Major League Baseball. One of the best ones I’ve ever been to. It’s so fun to play here. It’s an atmosphere; it’s like a concert-like atmosphere. I enjoy every day. I’m grateful to be able to come out every day and play in this park. I like the challenge (of a) big park. You feel like when you catch one--as a power guy--it’s going to go. It’s a matter of just catching it.”

Pence added that his focus is on whatever's needed at the moment to help win 'that' game.

"If you do that 162 times—at the end of the day--the numbers will take care of themselves," he said. "The park and the stadium and all that…I’m just going to enjoy how fun it is to play here.”

What does the real Hunter Pence think about the “MLB The Show” Hunter Pence? He said his character hit a home run and a two-RBI double in his first two at bats while he played the game.  Safe to say, he likes his virtual self.

Pence been training in Houston, Texas - his off-season home - and Tampa, Florida .

“MLB The Show” looks very realistic…right down to the players mannerisms in between at-bats and in the field.  Did the producers use motion capture technology for every single player? No, according to Senior Producer Jason Villa for SCEA-San Diego, the game's designer. They use a group of people who are good at mimicking the actions and reactions of real MLB players to motion capture for the game, not the players.