Giants notes: No rest for Posey, 'the crud' hits Scutaro
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SAN FRANCISCO -- Buster Posey caught all nine innings of Wednesday’s 9-6 loss to the Oakland Athletics, which lasted just under four hours.

With a quick turnaround for Thursday’s matinee, Giants manager Bruce Bochy considered giving his catcher a rest but decided against it.

“Last night was a long game, a tough game,” Bochy said. “He got a lot of balls in the dirt, he got beat up pretty good. But we do need him out there today. I did talk to him and he’s good to go. With Marco [Scutaro] down, it would be hard not to have him out there.”

Posey has started 49 out of the Giants’ 53 games this season, including 44 behind the dish.


Bochy went with Nick Noonan over Scutaro at second base Thursday, but that decision had nothing to do with the veteran’s defensive issues this season. Scutaro is sitting because he’s the latest Giant to come down with what Bochy calls ‘the crud,’ which he described as flu-like symptoms.

“Marco’s got the crud pretty good right now,” Bochy said. “We’re starting to pass it around and he’s down so he needs a day. Hopefully we can contain this and keep it from spreading any more. But it hit Pablo [Sandoval] pretty good, it hit [Gregor] Blanco. Now Marco’s got it and it seems to hang around for awhile. That’s a concern with this one.

As for Scutaro’s woes with the glove, Bochy said he’s taking a hands off approach, despite watching his starting second baseman commit the most errors at that position this season with nine.

“He’s a pro. Marco’s been playing this game a long time,” Bochy said. “These guys are trying. At times you get upset when maybe there’s some mental mistakes or lack of effort. But that’s not the case with him at all. That play in right field, I looked at it and that’s a tough play. He had [Hunter] Pence right on him so a lot was going on.”

The Giants’ defensive issues go far beyond Scutaro. Bochy has watched his team commit a major-league leading 25 errors in May. Bochy blamed his pitchers as much as his position players for the miscues.

“Good pitching and defense seem to go hand in hand,” he said. “When you’re not pitching as well as you normally do, you have the long innings, they’re not quite as crisp as they normally are, it seems like that’s when you occasionally do get the errors. That’s where we need to tighten things up and get them off the field. They’re spending a lot of time out on the field right now and that catches up with you. We need to get back to our game. Right now we’re not doing a very good impersonation of who we are out there.”


Bochy said that right-handed reliever Chad Gaudin is still the choice to start Sunday’s game in St. Louis, but he reserved the right to change his mind.

“We’re going to do all we can to win these games,” Bochy said. “We’re getting [Gaudin] set to start, but you never know. We may need him. There may be extra innings or something. We’re going to do all we can to win every game and we’ll worry about that start when we get there. Sometimes you have to deviate because of how you’ve used a ‘pen and guys that are available.”

As for the bullpen, Bochy said he’s surprised at how well his relievers have performed considering their workload and is glad to have Ramon Ramirez back with the big-league club.