Giants announce tentative 2014 season schedule
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SAN FRANCISCO -- As disappointing as this season has been for the Giants, it’s curious to note that they haven’t been outclassed by NL West foes.

In fact, their 36-28 record is the best within their division.

So maybe it’s a good thing that the Giants will begin the 2014 season with 22 consecutive games against NL West teams. In the master schedule announced Tuesday, the Giants will open the season with a seven-game road trip to Arizona’s Chase Field and Dodger Stadium, with a March 31 opener against the Diamondbacks.

Their home opener, also against the Diamondbacks, is scheduled for April 8. It’ll kick off a nine-game homestand that also includes visits from the Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Giants finish the season with 15 out of 25 games on the road in September, ending Sept. 25-28 with a four-game home series against the San Diego Padres.

The Giants are just 5-12 in interleague play this season with one more series looming at Yankee Stadium. They’ll need to do better than that against the AL Central next season. They’ll face all five teams in that division, including a pair of two-game series with the Chicago White Sox (June 17-18 at Chicago and Aug. 12-13 at AT&T Park). The Giants play host to the Cleveland Indians (April 25-27) and Minnesota Twins (May 23-25) while traveling to play at Kansas City (Aug. 8-10) and Detroit (Sept. 5-7).

The Giants will be tested on a pair of 10-game road trips (May 2-11 at Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles) and Aug. 1-10 (at the New York Mets, Milwaukee and Kansas City).

The 2014 major league season will begin March 22-23 when the Dodgers and Diamondbacks meet in baseball’s first-ever games in Sydney, Australia.

Giants tentative 2014 schedule
Mon., March 31 @ARI

Tues., April 1 @ARI
Wed., April 2 @ARI
Thurs., April 3 @ARI
Fri., April 4 @LAD
Sat., April 5 @LAD
Sun., April 6 @LAD
Mon., April 7 OFF DAY
Tues., April 8 ARI
Wed., April 9 ARI
Thurs., April 10 ARI
Fri., April 11 COL
Sat., April 12 COL
Sun., April 13 COL
Mon., April 14 OFF DAY
Tues., April 15 LAD
Wed., April 16 LAD
Thurs., April 17 LAD
Fri., April 18 @SD
Sat., April 19 @SD
Sun., April 20 @SD
Mon., April 21 @COL
Tues., April 22 @COL
Wed., April 23 @COL
Thurs., April 24 OFF DAY
Fri., April 25 CLE
Sat., April 26 CLE
Sun., April 27 CLE
Mon., April 28 SD
Tues., April 29 SD
Wed., April 30 SD

Thurs., May 1 OFF DAY
Fri., May 2 @ATL
Sat., May 3 @ATL
Sun., May 4 @ATL
Mon., May 5 @PIT
Tues., May 6 @PIT
Wed., May 7 @PIT
Thurs., May 8 @LAD
Fri., May 9 @LAD
Sat., May 10 @LAD
Sun., May 11 @LAD
Mon., May 12 ATL
Tues., May 13 ATL
Wed., May 14 ATL
Thurs., May 15 MIA
Fri., May 16 MIA
Sat., May 17 MIA
Sun., May 18 MIA
Mon., May 19 OFF DAY
Tues., May 20 @COL
Wed., May 21 @COL
Thurs., May 22 @COL
Fri., May 23 MIN
Sat., May 24 MIN
Sun., May 25 MIN
Mon., May 26 CHC
Tues., May 27 CHC
Wed., May 28 CHC
Thurs., May 29 @STL
Fri., May 30 @STL
Sat., May 31 @STL

Sun., June 1 @STL
Mon., June 2 OFF DAY
Tues., June 3 @CIN
Wed., June 4 @CIN
Thurs., June 5 @CIN
Fri., June 6 NYM
Sat., June 7 NYM
Sun., June 8 NYM
Mon., June 9 WSH
Tues., June 10 WSH
Wed., June 11 WSH
Thurs., June 12 WSH
Fri., June 13 COL
Sat., June 14 COL
Sun., June 15 COL
Mon., June 16 OFF DAY
Tues., June 17 @CWS
Wed., June 18 @CWS
Thurs., June 19 OFF DAY
Fri., June 20 @ARI
Sat., June 21 @ARI
Sun., June 22 @ARI
Mon., June 23 SD
Tues., June 24 SD
Wed., June 25 SD
Thurs., June 26 CIN
Fri., June 27 CIN
Sat., June 28 CIN
Sun., June 29 CIN
Mon., June 30 OFF DAY

Tues., July 1 STL
Wed., July 2 STL
Thurs., July 3 STL
Fri., July 4 @SD
Sat., July 5 @SD
Sun., July 6 @SD
Mon., July 7 @OAK
Tues., July 8 @OAK
Wed., July 9 OAK
Thurs., July 10 OAK
Fri., July 11 ARI
Sat., July 12 ARI
Sun., July 13 ARI
Mon., July 14 AS Break
Tues., July 15 AS Break
Wed., July 16 AS Break
Thurs., July 17 OFF DAY
Fri., July 18 @MIA
Sat., July 19 @MIA
Sun., July 20 @MIA
Mon., July 21 @PHI
Tues., July 22 @PHI
Wed., July 23 @PHI
Thurs., July 24 @PHI
Fri., July 25 LAD
Sat., July 26 LAD
Sun., July 27 LAD
Mon, July 28 PIT
Tues., July 29 PIT
Wed., July 30 PIT
Thurs., July 31 OFF DAY

Fri., August 1 @NYM
Sat., August 2 @NYM
Sun., August 3 @NYM
Mon., August 4 @NYM
Tues., August 5 @MIL
Wed., August 6 @MIL
Thurs., August 7 @MIL
Fri., August 8 @KC
Sat, August 9 @KC
Sun., August 10 @KC
Mon., August 11 OFF DAY
Tues., August 12 CWS
Wed., August 13 CWS
Thurs., August 14 OFF DAY
Fri., August 15 PHI
Sat., August 16 PHI
Sun., August 17 PHI
Mon., August 18 OFF DAY
Tues., August 19 @CHC
Wed., August 20 @CHC
Thurs., August 21 @CHC
Fri., August 22 @WSH
Sat., August 23 @WSH
Sun., August 24 @WSH
Mon., August 25 COL
Tues., August 26 COL
Wed., August 27 COL
Thurs., August 28 COL
Fri., August 29 MIL
Sat., August 30 MIL
Sun., August 31 MIL

Mon., Sept. 1 @COL
Tues., Sept. 2 @COL
Wed., Sept. 3 @COL
Thurs., Sept. 4 OFF DAY
Fri., Sept. 5 @DET
Sat., Sept. 6 @DET
Sun., Sept. 7 @DET
Mon., Sept. 8 OFF DAY
Tues., Sept. 9 ARI
Wed., Sept. 10 ARI
Thurs., Sept. 11 ARI
Fri., Sept. 12 LAD
Sat., Sept. 13 LAD
Sun., Sept. 14 LAD
Mon., Sept. 15 @ARI
Tues., Sept. 16 @ARI
Wed., Sept. 17 @ARI
Thurs., Sept. 18 OFF DAY
Fri., Sept. 19 @SD
Sat., Sept. 20 @SD
Sun., Sept. 21 @SD
Mon., Sept. 22 @LAD
Tues., Sept. 23 @LAD
Wed., Sept. 24 @LAD
Thurs., Sept. 25 SD
Fri., Sept. 26 SD
Sat., Sept. 27 SD
Sun., Sept. 28 SD