Flannery: Dodgers 'failed in the humanity department'
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Giants third base coach Tim Flannery has beef with the Dodgers that goes beyond a simple baseball rivalry.

Casey Johnston, a 10-year old Dodger fan living in the Bay Area who posted a video about dealing with two Giants championships that went viral, threw out the first pitch in L.A. before Tuesday's game.

Johnston decided to donate the money he made from the video to Bryan Stow, and Flannery felt that the Dodgers should have acknowledged that act of kindness.

Here's what Flannery posted to his band's Facebook page:

"Tonight the Dodgers did something that really pissed me off...yeah they beat us, they are better this time around, but this is about other stuff..they honored Casey Johnstone the kid who made a video and gave his $200 bucks to Bryan Stow...but the Dodgers never ever mentioned What the kid did with his money, or Bryan's name. I once had a Dodger broadcaster tell me " we wish he would just go away".....ok...more shows for Bryan...another way to shine the light, and to the Dodgers how you handled this pregame first pitch tonight....you just got me started all over again......we won't go away, till you do what is right here..had your chance tonight......failed in the humanity department...."

Perhaps the Dodgers did not want to call attention to Stow since they have been sued by his family for "negligence" related to the attack in the parking lot at Chavez Ravine in 2011.