Extra Baggs: Friday's unsung hero, going back-to-back, etc.
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MIAMI -- Who was the hero in the Giants’ 14-10 victory Friday night?

Pablo Sandoval with his three RBI? Brandon Belt with his four hits and four runs scored? Hector Sanchez with his three-run homers that he’s popping like one-a-day vitamins? Or Hunter Pence with five RBI and a career-high tying three extra-base hits?

[RECAP: Giants 14, Marlins 10]

Well, how about the middle reliever who pitched two scoreless innings?

In a game that was spurting from every artery, Sandy Rosario came rushing to the mound with a tourniquet. He pitched a scoreless sixth and seventh innings. And he did it less than 24 hours after getting smoked in the chest by a line drive at Washington.

[REWIND: Comebacker leaves Rosario with bruised sternum]

“We needed somebody to stop it,” Bochy said. “He really won the game for us. If I have to go get him, then we’re going to run thin on pitching.”

Bochy wasn’t surprised that Rosario was able to pitch. As he pointed out, even when he got the wind knocked out of him by Adam LaRoche’s liner, he still had the presence of mind to pick up the ball and throw for the out.

[REWIND: Rosario couldn't breathe, makes out]

“He’s a tough kid,” Bochy said.

Rosario didn’t know that he was named the winning pitcher by the official scorer, who has the discretion to choose when a starter doesn’t complete five innings.  Reporters told him, and also relayed Bochy’s comments.

“You mean he said I won the game, or I got the win?” Rosario said.

Both, actually.

“Really? OK,” he said. “I didn’t know that.”

According to STATS Inc., Belt and Pence became the first Giants to hit back-to-back triples since Ramon Martinez and Armando Rios on June 29, 2000. I’ll give you one guess where it happened.

Coors Field.

Marco Scutaro came out of the game early, but not because of the pitch that struck him in the back. Earlier in the game, Scutaro’s neck began to stiffen up. So Bochy took him out as a precaution.

A pitcher named Arquimedes Caminero made his big league debut for the Marlins. (He’s the guy who hit Scutaro.) I did not know that people named their children for ancient mathematicians.

Remember when Pence implored the Giants to win in Cincinnati last October so he could have one more day at the park to see what Ryan “Jerry” Theriot would wear?

Well, Andres Torres has flown past Theriot. His outfits are becoming legendary for their flair as well as their painted-on tightness. And he saved something special for South Beach. Check my Twitter feed @CSNBaggs for a photo that I took outside the clubhouse.

Hand to God, I was interviewing Torres earlier this season when he popped a button off his shirt. With a straight face, he said it happens all the time.