Bryan Stow attends season finale at AT&T Park
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Bryan Stow was at AT&T Park Sunday to attend the Giants' season finale against the San Diego Padres. A fundraiser was held for Stow with a proceed of ticket sales given to the Bryan Stow Fund.

During the game, Stow was shown on the big screen, which led to a standing ovation from the crowd.

As the cheers grew, Stow could be seen reacting to it with a big smile. He seemed surprised at the support.

Stow gave the crowd a thumbs up and said thank you.

Stow appeared - at least on the surface - much healthier than he had in the past. It appeared as though he was stronger, sitting up in his wheelchair without support, and he seemed more aware of his surroundings.

Stow had suffered a setback in January, when he was sent back to the hospital with a large blood clot. His family provided an update on Stow's condition and experience at the Giants game on this blog Monday.