Bochy on PEDs: ‘I’m all for stiffer penalties’
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SAN FRANCISCO – Bruce Bochy said he wants players convicted of performance enhancing drug use to face harsher penalties from Major League Baseball.

Asked before Tuesday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays to weigh in on the latest developments in the Biogenesis investigation, Bochy didn’t hold back.

“I’m glad it looks like they could be getting to the bottom of this and finding some information that hopefully will help Major League Baseball as far as cleaning this game up,” Bochy said. “I don’t know who’s involved. But the fact that it looks like they’ve made progress in this investigation and they’ll find out who are the guys that had been getting some help, I’m all for it. I am. I think it’s the best thing for baseball and we’re doing all we can to clean the game up.”

Bochy faced plenty of PED-related questions while managing both Barry Bonds and Melky Cabrera. But he appears to have a roster free of players connected to the Miami-based clinic run by Anthony Bosch, who has reportedly agreed to cooperate with MLB to facilitate multiple suspensions.

It’s unclear what type of punishment the guilty parties could face, especially players like Cabrera and the Oakland A’s Bartolo Colon, who both served 50-game suspensions last season. Bochy believes that longer penalties are the way to deter future infractions.

“If it’s 100 days, that’s a pretty good punishment,” Bochy said. “But I’ve always thought that it could be a little stricter to keep these players from trying to beat the system and cheat. I’m all for stiffer penalties.”

Bochy was asked if he has a hard time understanding why athletes continue to turn to illegal substances.

“I think they do it to get an advantage; I think it’s pretty simple,” he said. “Am I surprised? No. I think not just in baseball, but you look at the other sports, it’s happening. So that’s why I’m all for it. Let’s make these penalties a little stiffer and make them think twice before trying to beat the system.”