Study shows Raiders, 49ers fan bases two of least loyal in NFL
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I make no statement either pro or con about the military, largely because I like to pick my own arguments with strangers, thank you very much indeed. But when Steven Rhodes, a 25-year-old freshman at Middle Tennessee, asked to walk on to the football team after serving five years with the Marine Corps, the NCAA said his participation in a military-only recreational football league means he has to take a mandatory redshirt year.

Yeah, Rhodes playing once every eight weeks in the military version of an intramural league really gives Rhodes that competitive advantage, and allows the Blue Raiders to dominate their new Conference USA brethren.

That kind of idiot logic is why the NCAA is doomed; I mean, if it can’t get this one right, which is beyond easy, how could it possibly be expected to deal with . . . well, all the stuff that involves money?

You know, the stuff the NCAA really cares about.


Two students at Emory University did a study on football “fan equity” for their Sports Marketing Analytics, using a formula that includes a team’s record, metropolitan population, median income and a desire to annoy people in different parts of the country to determine the most loyal fan bases.

We won’t bore you with the top 25 teams, or places 27 through 31, but the 49ers are 26, and the Raiders a solid 32nd. And hey, these are actual college students, and the university is located in the Druid Hills section of Atlanta so you KNOW it’s the truth.

Now start screaming in the direction of ancient Gaul, you maniacs . . . heh heh heh.


Kirk Gibson’s fresh run at Ryan Braun makes me yearn for the days in the not-too-distant future when the fast-disappearing testosterone is the PED of choice and the game can go back to what it really does best – looking the other way and pretending it’s clean. At least then, the lack of knowledge would also eliminate the selective knowledge.

At least when wrestler C.M. Punk took out after Braun, via Yahoo’s Marcus Vandenburg, it wasn’t the sanctimony that stood out, but the plain old crazy: http://tinyurl.com/nyt8zn2


Baseball’s newest ratings grabber is having a pitcher hit Alex Rodriguez in the first or second inning, and then have the broadcasters guess for seven innings if and/or when the Yankee pitcher will throw at an opposing hitter. It worked Sunday night in Boston, anyway, and like any good idea, it will be copied across baseball . . . although it may turn out differently when we find out that Ryan Dempster didn’t do it on his own, but on orders from Yankee vice-president Randy Levine.

Which is doubtless why Rodriguez hit the home run in the sixth inning off Dempster Sunday night. Because too much is just the new not nearly enough.


Speaking of which, I think we can all agree that the Rodriguez story is coming along even better than we all could have hoped. We applaud all parties for shaming themselves so brazenly, and hope only that they can maintain this pace until everyone involved combusts spontaneously.

Or for four more years. Either way is good by us.


And finally, Braun may speak tomorrow on the ESPN story claiming he rallied support among players and even suggested that the urine collector might have been anti-Semitic, and not only that, my brain is melting out of my eyes and my mouth and ears are expelling serpents and the fact is YOU CAN’T EVEN MAKE UP THE IDEA OF TAKING ENOUGH DRUGS TO CONSIDER MAKING THIS STUFF UP LEST A TELEVISION PRODUCER BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH HIS OR HER LOCAL EMMY.


And finally finally, Lionel Messi may be finished as a force in soccer based on his first game for Barcelona Sunday in which he scored only two of Barca’s seven goals against Levante in the season opener at Camp Nou. Why let me tell you young whippersnappers about the time he scored seven of Barca’s two goals against Deportivo La Coruna in the Copa Del Rey and NURSE I’M SEEING THE RYAN BRAUN STORY IN MY HEAD AGAIN, AND I NEED MY PILLS NOW AAAGGHHHHHHH!!!!