Patton's broken finger results from unlikely source
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SANTA CLARA -- When rookie wide receiver Quinton Patton showed up with a splint on the index finger on his left hand, it was widely assumed how the injury occurred.

After all, the 49ers' starting quarterback is a former draft pick of the Chicago Cubs who threw with the most velocity of any passer at the 2011 NFL scouting combine. And he uncorked an 87 mph fastball while throwing out the first pitch this summer at a Giants game.

But Patton, a fourth-round draft pick from Louisiana Tech, revealed a surprising development Monday. He said the fractured finger he sustained was not the work of strong-armed Colin Kaepernick.

"Everybody thinks it was a Kaepernick pass," Patton said, "but it was really Colt (McCoy) who did it."

McCoy is not known for featuring a particularly strong throwing arm. But Patton was off-limits for catching passes through the first week of training camp.

"It was on a comeback (route)," Patton said. "I kind of spread my fingers. I had them pointing straight out."

Patton has been cleared to take part in full practices since Friday, when he warmed up for the 49ers' exhibition game against the Kansas City Chiefs. He is expected to make his 49ers debut Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.