Pryor took notes from Kaepernick
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Terrelle Pryor had a lot to learn this offseason. The Raiders quarterback had to master a new offensive scheme and a package made especially for him in preparation for this preseason, and he believes he’s implementing it well.

When it comes to the pistol offense in general and the read-option in specific, he looked across the San Francisco Bay for inspiration.

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“We did a lot of studying on (Colin) Kaepernick and how he did it,” Pryor said. “There are so many different options and plays you can call out of that package. (Coordonator Greg Olson) did a wonderful job of honing in on it and understanding exactly what defenses were trying to do and how they were trying to stop it.”

Pryor has a similar skill set to the 49ers quarterback, so the study seems logical. Tom Brady plays much different, but Pryor looked to the New England Patriots star as someone always balanced, comfortable and ready to throw.

While Pryor has looked towards others, the coaching staff wants Pryor to be himself.

The Raiders believe that can happen in the pistol and while using some elements of the read-option. The more he learns about the pistol and the read-option, the more he likes it and the more confident he is running it in game situations.

“It’s new and I believe it will work,” Pryor said. “I think it’ll get even more popular. I certainly like it.”

Pryor ran it some in the preseason opener, and will do so again Friday against the New Orleans Saints. His hope to eliminate mistakes made before, and to steadily progress throughout the preseason.

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“The goal this week is to get better,” Pryor said. “That’s all I want to do.”