Porter moving past Raiders taking No. 24 away
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NAPA – Tracy Porter lost No. 24 to Charles Woodson right before training camp.

The Raiders cornerback wasn’t happy about it then, but insists he’s over it now. A star player typically barters or pays for a jersey number already spoken for.

Not so this time. The Raiders took it from him the day he reported. It was apparently in the works, given that Woodson was listed as No. 24 in the Raiders media guide, which went to press long ago.

Porter addressed for the first time publicly on Thursday – he initially voiced his displeasure on Twitter – and had a sense of humor about it.

“The jersey situation is what it is,” Porter said. “It got some attention because I spoke out about it. I didn’t like the way it was handled, but whatever man. I’m not going to leave camp because my jersey number was switched.”

Porter’s in No. 31 now, but he’ll change it if given the chance. He was No. 22 before this season, which he might try to pry away from Taiwan Jones. “Given the opportunity to switch it,” Porter said, “I will switch it. “

Porter joked that he’s still hoping to get a return on his investment in No. 24.

“That’s in the works,” Porter said with a smile. “Maybe .5 percent ownership in his winery, or something like that. Honestly it’s all good. I’m just trying to make it through my sixth NFL training camp.”