Wilson to Dodgers is just business
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If Brian Wilson signed a minor league contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers because he thought it would irritate the Giants, he is a fool.

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Brian Wilson is not a fool. His money is guaranteed, and he has what seems to be a standing invite to join the big league team when his rehab at the Dodgers’ Rancho Cucamonga farm team ends. Therefore, your level of ire about Wilson becoming the latest Dodger is entirely of your own making.

That has always been the truest thing about the Giant-Dodger rivalry – it has been spoken of more in the breach than in practice. The Dodgers once traded Jackie Robinson to the Giants, remember? Sure, it was Walter O’Malley’s middle finger at a player and symbol he hated, but he got Horace Stoneham to answer his call, and that was when the Dodgers and Giants were right next to each other.

True, there have been only three trades between the two teams then, and this doesn’t even rise to that level, as Wilson is merely an ex-Giant who was looking for a way back into the major leagues after the Giants decided not to pay him $6.4 million for two months of work.

But Giant fans took to Wilson as their own brilliant prop comic – a gigantic beard you could hide a weasel in with a slider that could slice a patella tendon in 60 feet six inches. He was a Giant who played the part, for a fan base that likes when someone goes to the trouble of playing the part.

But as Al Pacino said often enough in The Godfather, “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” Thus, Wilson is a Dodger because the Dodgers needed his arm enough to pay more than anyone else, and the minor league contract is just an investment. It was apparently more than the Giants wanted to offer, and if it wasn’t – if Wilson took less just to spite San Francisco, well, the error is his.

Now that, you can mock him for. But because he went to your archrivals doesn’t mean he went to HIS archrival. He is a baseball player, and you go to where the work is. Besides, at this point, the Giants are the least of the Dodgers’ problems, because the standings say they are.

Now the Giants are not the least of YOUR problems, not if you are a Giant fan. The most of your problems are the present Giants, stuck with underperformance at six everyday positions and at eight of the 12 pitching spots.

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But Brian Wilson is not among you any more. You can throw out your beards and T-shirts and assorted other Wilsonian shmata. He took a job offered him by a team with postseason aspirations and the money to chase them. The Giants have money, but not enough to transform pigs’ ears into Dooney and Burke clutch bags.

Put another way, what ails the Giants are things that Brian Wilson couldn’t fix. Even if he wanted to be vengeful, he couldn’t manage it. He went to where the money is, not where the hatred is.

That’s your job, not his.